If you would like to be booked in for any session below please contact Jas or Sarah on 07872525432. For more information check out our website 2020exercisereferral.wordpress.com or find us on Facebook under 2020 Health exercise referral specialist.


(Gym programme & swim therapy)

11am – 4pm Gym Programme

9am – 12pm Gym Programme

10am – 11am Parkinson’s Specific gym programme

10am – 11am Parkinson’s Chair based Exercise class

11am – 3.30pm Gym Programme

9am – 1.30pm Gym Programme

9.15am – 10am Swim Exercise

10.10am – 11am Swim Rehab


 (Gym Programme)

9am – 12pm Gym Programme

11am – 2pm Gym Programme

11am – 3pm Gym Programme

9am – 12pm Gym Programme


(Exercise Classes)

9.30am Cardiac Class

10.30am Cardiac Class

12pm Parkinson’s Specific Class

11.50 Cardiac Class

11.30 Cardiac Class

2.30pm M.S Specific Class

Although 20/20 Health is accredited to the NHS we have no funding what so ever. Therefore there is a charge to the service we provide, we have an introduction fee of £10. If you wish to join us for one session weekly the payment is £20 per month, or two sessions weekly is £30 per month.