20/20 Health is a private organisation developed to help those with medical conditions to take part in exercise in a safe and supervised environment. 20/20 Health is currently based at Bexhill leisure pool, Ravenside Retail Park, but works from three other sites Crowhurst Park, Helenswood Sport Centre and Rye Leisure Centre. We create exercise programmes specific for our clients and their medical conditions. After a full assessment we slowly progress clients through a range of exercises, to improve their daily lifestyle and help strengthen weaknesses.

At Bexhill Leisure pool, we work in the gym to create exercise programmes for clients, as well as offering two exercise classes in the water. A swim exercise class, which is our version of an Aqua-aerobics class and Swim rehab. Swim rehab is aimed at participants that may need to bring a carer into the water and/or struggle with balance and mobility.

Helenswood Sports Centre and Rye Leisure Centre is where we hold our gym specific exercise programmes. We sit down with clients before they exercise, to learn about their medical conditions, past exercise history and what areas they would like to improve. In the gym we work on a ratio of 1:4 so there is one GP Referral Consultant to ever 4 clients, this helps ensure our clients feel confident and safe when taking part in physical activity.

At Crowhurst Park we deliver specific exercise classes for Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 4, M.S and Parkinson’s. We teach a Cardiac circuit class, which is similar to the circuit class taught by the nurses at the Cardiac Rehab phase 3 at the Conquest Hospital. The M.S and Parkinson’s specific classes are chair based exercises, designed to improve mobility and slow down muscle wastage.

To sign up for this scheme is easy, you need to contact a medical professional for example GP, nurse, physiotherapist etc. Ask for a exercise referral form, once you have received the form you can contact us on 07872525432. So we can have a discussion about what service would be best suited for you.

Please note there is a charge to the client an induction fee of £10, if they come for one session a week the cost is £20 per month, if they would like to come twice a week it will cost them £30 per month this is payable on the 1st of every month and pro-rota if joining part way through.

For more information please contact Jas or Sarah on 07872525432